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How to Identify Scammers Using Your Amazon Phone Number

Listed below are ways to identify scammers using your Amazon phone number. To use the Amazon phone number, go to the help center page and select the appropriate category. When prompted to contact customer service via phone, enter your account information, including phone number, and click the “phone” option. The customer service representative will then ask for the details to verify your identity. You can then follow the prompts until the phone number is verified and you are able to contact Amazon.

Scammers posing as Amazon employees

If you’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be an Amazon employee, you’re not alone. As many consumers as ever shop online and use services like Amazon, scammers are trying to take advantage of the influx of consumers. However, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is receiving reports of con artists posing as Amazon employees and calling consumers to ask for account and order information. While this may sound legit, be aware of the following warning signs.

Scams involving spoofed caller ID

Scam artists use Amazon phone numbers to trick unsuspecting consumers into believing that they are from a legitimate organization. This is not true – Amazon employees do not make phone calls claiming to be from Amazon. Likewise, other companies can spoof a phone number, but Amazon never asks customers for sensitive information or remote access. Even though it may look like the BBB, this number should not be trusted.

Scams involving phishing emails

Many consumers have fallen victim to Amazon phone number scams involving phished emails. While this is a common scam, Amazon does not ask for your social security number. Scammers usually create a sense of urgency in order to get your personal information. Another scam involves a call from a scammer claiming to be from a credit union, requesting money via wire transfer or CashApp. Such a request is almost always a scam.

Scams involving spoofed live chat

Scammers have begun using the name of the online shopping giant in their phone calls, and the company is aware of the issue. To prevent the possibility of falling victim to such schemes, consumers are encouraged to report the matter to the company or to the Federal Trade Commission. Recently, Amazon sued marketers who were sending unsolicited text messages in order to divert traffic to unrelated websites. The marketers claim to be representatives of Amazon, and they often promise rewards for completing fake surveys. They also receive fees for directing traffic to merchant websites.

Scams involving spoofed email

Amazon phone number scams typically involve spoofed email or fake emails from a reputable company. In most cases, scammers target elderly people who may be more susceptible to these scams, as they are often alone and not as tech-savvy as younger people. These scammers typically use a toll-free number that routes to the scammer’s call center. Amazon has a dedicated hotline to handle customer complaints and other concerns about phony phone calls.

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