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Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number

NewsAmazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number

How to Spot an Amazon Employee Call

Scammers posing as Amazon employees

If you have ever received a call from an alleged Amazon employee, you are not alone. Unfortunately, a number of scammers have targeted consumers searching for Amazon’s prime customer service phone number by advertising fake phone numbers and spoofed websites. Once a customer has reached out to an impostor, they may be asking for sensitive information or remote access to their computer. The following are examples of scam calls from an alleged Amazon employee.

In addition to calling the customer service phone number, scammers may also contact their victims via email. This is a common tactic used by these scammers. The messages sent to the victims by these scammers usually contain a link or attachment that will download a malicious program or open a phishing email. These scammers use phishing techniques to obtain sensitive information such as credit card numbers and personal information.

Ignore unsolicited emails

Beware of spoofing attempts. Amazon’s prime customer service number can be impersonated by scammers to steal personal information. These messages may ask for sensitive personal information, such as your password, social security number, or banking information. Never provide this information to a third party, and never click on links or open attachments. Such actions can result in the installation of malware on your device. In addition, be wary of fake email messages requesting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or account passwords.

When it comes to phishing, you should report the email or call to the Amazon customer service number to report the fraudulent activity. Amazon takes complaints seriously and will investigate the emails and calls to ensure they are legitimate. Listed below are steps to take if you’re receiving these unsolicited emails. You should also check the Amazon website to make sure you’ve received all your invoices and bills.

Be suspicious of robocalls

Be suspicious of robocalls from Amazon’s customer service phone number. These scammers often use recorded messages to trick unsuspecting individuals into revealing sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. The calls will often ask to remote access your computer. Be skeptical of calls from this phone number, even if they are from an official Amazon representative. You can spot the scams easily by following the tips below.

To stop a robocall from coming through, enable your phone’s robocall blocking feature. This tool screens calls and blocks telemarketers’ automated calls. It does not prevent your phone from ringing, but it does block unwanted calls. Fortunately, most carriers have STIR/SHAKEN call filtering technology, which helps them identify these telemarketers.

Contacting Amazon via live chat

While Amazon’s reputation for offering excellent customer service is unquestioned, some feel that levels of service have dropped in recent years. However, the company is committed to providing a high level of customer service and will take all steps necessary to ensure your satisfaction. Customer service representatives will investigate and resolve your issues, and they can also handle identity theft and fraud. Customers can also turn to Amazon for technical support and help with their Kindle ebooks and online streaming services. During customer service sessions, customers should have all the details of the concern in hand, such as the order number and a list of products ordered.

In some cases, the delivery of your package may be impeded. Typically, this is because a family member is away during the day. In such a case, you may have to arrange for your package to be picked up from a locker at a local business. Amazon uses third-party shippers to deliver your packages, and while it can intervene in these situations, it does not have the same control as a contracted delivery person.

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