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The Benefits of Breezy News

One of the benefits of breezy news is the fact that it’s easy to consume. TheSkimm, for instance, aims to make daily topical news digestible and accessible. It hits the main points of each story and regularly links to credible sources. It’s worth checking out as a gateway to more traditional news publications.

TheSkimm’s breezy tone

TheSkimm is a popular topical newsletter that summarizes the day’s biggest stories. It is directed at a largely female audience. It first gained attention because of its irreverent tone and willingness to parody pop culture. However, its tone may be turning off some readers.

TheSkimm co-founder Danielle Weisberg and former NBC News staffer Carly Zakin are attempting to build a publication that appeals to the female millennial audience. Some critics have expressed concern that the magazine is patronizing, but both women have denied that criticism. They write “like people talk,” as the co-founders have said. As a result, TheSkimm is attracting a younger audience.

TheSkimm’s breezy tone is one reason for its success. Publishers may eventually generate revenue by marketing products to their readers. The newsletter has already partnered with brands, including the NBA, to create a “Skimm ambassador” program. It is likely to capitalize on its growing popularity by marketing products directly to its users.

TheSkimm links to credible sources

TheSkimm is a web site devoted to breaking news from a variety of credible sources, which it links to on a daily basis. The site’s goal is to provide topical news that’s easily digestible and easily accessible. It provides a list of top stories, with links to more in-depth stories and other sources. However, readers should not expect theSkimm to be a substitute for traditional news publications.

TheSkimm has faced criticism for its approach to journalism. Some have claimed that it exploits the stereotype that women need news that’s dumbed down and fun. Others have argued that theSkimm’s snarky tone is too sexist for many women. Still, the site has a dedicated audience, which appreciates the daily updates.

TheSkimm makes news easier to digest

Founded by two college roommates, theSkimm is an email digest of breaking news and emerging current affairs topics. It targets a unique audience – young millennial women. TheSkimm has quickly become a staple in millennial women’s daily routine. Its founders, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, were dissatisfied with the status quo, and set out to create a product that would appeal to their audience.

TheSkimm’s audience is predominantly millennial women, but its appeal extends beyond this demographic. The company’s inclusive philosophy has led its subscriptions to skyrocket, with more than seven million in circulation since its launch in 2012. TheSkimm strives to treat all its readers equally, regardless of age or background. It aims to cover news stories with a keen eye for detail while using language that everyone can understand. It also strives to provide links to more detailed sources to further readers’ understanding of topics.

TheSkimm’s editorial approach to news has earned it high marks from investors. The company has grown steadily since its launch, acquiring 100,000 subscribers in its first year and growing its mailing list to over 1.5 million within 18 months. It has also impressed venture capital firms with its revenue potential. The company has raised two funding rounds, and used the proceeds to open an office and hire more writers and editors.

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