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Ticketmaster Phone Number

NewsTicketmaster Phone Number

How to Reach Ticketmaster by Phone

If you are having trouble reaching Ticketmaster, you can try contacting them by using other methods as well. These methods include online chat, social media, or email. You can also request a written transcript of your conversation. But before you try contacting the company by phone, there are a few things you should know. Here’s a look at some of them. Listed below are some of the most common ways to reach the company.

Ticketmaster is a global company

In recent years, fraud has become more widespread in the ticketing industry, and companies such as Ticketmaster have been investing heavily in fraud prevention measures. The problem stems from the fact that most of these purchases are ‘card not present’ situations. Ticketmaster is no exception, and incurs significant costs as a result of these chargebacks. To counter this problem, surcharging standards must take account of the high chargeback rate in the ticketing industry.

It has different numbers in different countries

There are several phone numbers for Ticketmaster, but these numbers vary from country to country. When calling a specific number, make sure you are in the country where you need assistance. If you need to speak to a live human, press 0 on the phone keypad. This way, you will get a live person to help you. It is possible that you will be able to get assistance from someone in your country.

It has dedicated lines for “arts” events

In February 1996, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen acquired a controlling interest in Ticketmaster. Since then, he has been building an interesting portfolio, including the Portland Trailblazers basketball team and a charitable foundation. He retained Ron Rosen as CEO and has since added new services, including hotel and airline reservations. Ticketmaster has also expanded into the realm of online ticketing, introducing TicketmasterOnline.

It charges exorbitant service fees

Buying your tickets directly from the venue box office is the most direct way to avoid paying fees to ticketmaster. Every venue has an internal box office open daily. Ticket sales are also done through the consumer ticket sales window, which is typically open during business hours. If you’d like to buy a ticket without paying a service fee, there are several options. Here are some options:

It doesn’t initiate refunds

One of the most frustrating things about ticketmaster is their policy of not initiating refunds. It leaves customers out in the cold without the money to attend an event they’d rather not go to. Live Nation has a rocky reputation when it comes to refunding tickets for cancelled or postponed shows. The company is currently facing a backlash over its refund policy. However, the CEO of one of the largest independent live entertainment producers in the U.S., Jerry Mickelson, has a solution.

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