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Tricare East Phone Number

NewsTricare East Phone Number

TRICARE East Phone Number

To find out more about TRICARE east, read this article. This clinic is part of the Tricare health system and serves Mariposa County. Listed below are the office hours and phone number for TRICARE east. In addition to this contact information, you can use this site to get other information about the clinic, such as its location and hours of operation. The phone number for this location is (805) 932-7271.

TRICARE east is in the Tricare system

TRICARE is a government health care program that pays for healthcare provided by TRICARE-authorized providers. These healthcare providers are licensed by state law, accredited by a national organization, and meet standards set forth by the medical community. Patients can search for a provider by location, specialty, or condition. For a list of TRICARE-authorized providers, visit their website. TRICARE East phone number is in the Tricare system.

TRICARE east is located in Mariposa County

If you have questions about TRICARE, or want to know more about your plan, you should call the TRICARE east phone number. This number is located in Mariposa County, California. To call this number, simply press the number listed above. In the phone directory, you can enter your state and TRICARE region. Then, select the option for Mariposa County. To find out more about the benefits of TRICARE, contact the insurance company directly or visit the TRICARE website.

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