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Turbo Tax Phone Number

SolutionsTurbo Tax Phone Number

TurboTax Phone Number

If you need to contact TurboTax support, you can do so by phone or through social media. Their customer service specialists are available to answer your questions through direct messages, record your conversation, and even offer suggestions to improve their software. This article will give you the information you need to make the most of the software and avoid any unwanted calls. Read on to learn more about TurboTax’s customer support options. And if all else fails, you can always contact TurboTax online.

H&R Block may send marketing to TurboTax

When you submit your taxes through TurboTax, you will be sent marketing messages from H&R Block and Intuit. This marketing may come in the form of special offers you can take advantage of after you file your taxes, ads on their sister sites, or even emails. But if you do not agree with this practice, you can opt-out and stop these calls. You can also opt-out of receiving marketing messages from H&R Block by deleting your account and unsubscribing to their newsletter.

Intuit, which started as a tech-led competitor to brick-and-mortar companies, has quickly become the dominant force in the category. The company recently reported 83% revenue growth in its last quarter of the fiscal year. The influx of Americans filing their taxes at home is a testament to the growing popularity of the software. But in order to keep their users coming back, the companies hid the free option and actively steered them toward their paid products. An internal document from H&R Block, for example, shows that they have explicitly instructed their customer service staff to steer customers away from the free version.

Intuit must halt “free, free, free” ad campaign

Intuit must halt its controversial ad campaign that advertises the free, no-cost TurboTax tax preparation service or risk losing customers. A lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission has ordered Intuit to pay more than $141 million to 4.4 million taxpayers, including millions of low-income individuals. The company has promised to restructure its business practices, including suspending its ad campaign. This ad campaign lured consumers with the promise of free tax preparation, then switched them to the paying service.

The Federal Trade Commission’s decision halted the ads because Intuit was engaged in unfair and deceptive practices. The company used confusing product names, hid the Free File website in Google results, and repeatedly changed the names of its landing pages. It also targeted certain demographics, including military service members, unemployed Americans, and people with student loans. The FTC found that Intuit’s marketing tactics were designed to trick consumers and deceive consumers.

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